Bloodlines Character Art: Samantha

This is the Character Art for Samantha. When I commissioned the Character Art for my novel, Bloodlines, I asked Lucy to do a portrait of the Main Character, Adrian and five supporting characters. The next piece I am going to show you is the Character Art for Samantha.

Character Art for Samantha

Character Art for Samantha by Lucy Zhu for Bloodlines

Who is Samantha? You do not get to see much of Samantha in the first book. Though she is the raison d’etre for much of hte action in the book.

Samantha is Adrian’s teenage daughter. As if life at 15 wasn’t hard enough, her mother was a succubus who dropped her off at her father’s door and vanished when she was an infant. Adrian has raised Samantha on his own, despite being only 20 when she came to him. He has dedicated most of his life to finding a way to keep her safe from The Circle, the ruling body for the human magic users in the area.

Despite Samantha being more than half demon, Adrian has tried to raise her as normally as possible. Until very close to the start of the book, she had been attending public schools and living the life of a regular child. She is very intelligent, and due to her lilin ancestry, very pretty. She has a good heart despite her blood line and wants what is best for people, even when it is not best for her. Most everyone who meets her thinks highly of her.

Samantha goes missing early in the book and Adrian will move heaven and earth, literally if needed be, to get her back. He fears she has been taken by her mother and is out of his reach without resorting to drastic measures.

You can meet Samantha as a child in the short story, Little light of Mine.

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