Bloodlines Character Art: Sofia

This is the Character Art for Sofia. When I commissioned the Character Art for my novel, Bloodlines, I asked Lucy to do a portrait of the Main Character, Adrian and five supporting characters. The next piece I am going to show you is the Character Art for Sofia.

Character Art for Sofia

Character Art for Sofia by Lucy Zhu for Bloodlines

Who is Sofia? Sofia is Adrian’s oldest friend. She is the same age as Adrian, 35, at the beginning of the novel. They have known each other since grade school. She accompanies Adrian on investigations occasionally. However, her role as a wife and mother makes it much harder for her to do trips out of town. She leaves those to Oliver, and eventually also Ashley.

Sofia is very motherly toward everyone in the group, and takes care of people almost out of habit. She is married to David, and has one living child, a four year old named Emily. David does not believe in magic or the paranormal. He disapproves of Adrian and his presence in his family’s life, and has no problem voicing it.

There are things is Sofia’s past that she would rather leave buried. The death of her young son makes her very sensitive to issues involving children.

She often tempers Adrian’s more impulsive tendencies, and was a big part of Samantha’s life when she was small.

Sofia works for a large insurance company in downtown Chicago where she met and became friends with Oliver. She feels very protective of Ashley and she tolerates a lot of Adrian’s eccentricities because of their long history together.

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