Bloodlines Character Art: Oliver

This is the Character Art for Oliver. When I commissioned the Character Art for my novel, Bloodlines, I asked Lucy to do a portrait of the Main Character, Adrian and five supporting characters. The next piece I am going to show you is the Character Art for Oliver.

Character Art for Oliver

Character Art for Oliver by Lucy Zhu for Bloodlines

Who is Oliver? Oliver is the polar opposite of Adrian. Where Adrian is impulsive and impatient, he is calm and steady. His attitudes are not as overtly optimistic as Ashley’s, but he is willing to believe that most people mean well. At least most of the time.

Oliver is 32 years old at the start of the novel and has lived in Chicago for 10 years. He originally hails from Southern Louisiana. He was raised by his grandmother after his mother decided she did not want to raise a child on her own. Oliver never knew his father, only that he was from out of town. Oliver’s full history will be explored in future stories.

He worked hard to lose the heavy accent particular to the region after moving to Chicago for University, and some would hardly believe he ever had it. While he is not ashamed of where he came from, he does not openly advertise it. He is still willing to let Adrian and Ashley join him when an old high school friend asks them to investigate an old house his family is trying to fix up.

Oliver is, in Adrian’s estimation, completely non-magical. He has shown no signs of any abilities or sensitivities. This actually makes him very useful during investigations.

His day job is in the IT department of a large insurance firm. This is where he met Sofia since they work in the same building. They became friends, and through her, he met Adrian, Samantha and Ashley.

Oliver is often the voice of calm and reason. He believes in the paranormal and magic, he has seen enough to know that it is real, but he is the first to seek a rational non-magical explanation.

Oliver is close to Ashley and Sofia. It is a running joke that Adrian never remembers that Oliver is vegan.

Attempted Murder is a short story with Oliver as a child.

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