Bloodlines Character Art: Ashley

I am starting with the Character Art for Ashley. When I commissioned the Character Art for my novel, Bloodlines, I asked Lucy to do a portrait of the Main Character, Adrian and five supporting characters. The first piece I am going to show you is the Character Art for Ashley.

Character Art for Ashley

Character art for Ashley by Lucy Zhu for Bloodlines

Who is Ashley? Ashley is a throw away character that decided she was not accepting that fate.

I never intended for Ashley to become a main character. Her one job was to serve the main cast some drinks, and hint that she knew about a paranormal phenomena in the area. That was it. Instead, she invited herself along for the rest of the ride.

Ashley is very young, only 19 years old. She works as a waitress at the bar and grill the rest of the characters go to regularly. She was born and raised in Chicago by her aunt, and has plans to attend a University soon.

Her first adventure with the group is an ill fated trip to a haunted house in southern Louisiana. Her trial by fire does nothing to dissuade her from continuing to take part.

She is close to Oliver and looks up to Sophia as a mother figure. Ashley comes across as naive and overly optimistic sometimes, but it is not naivety, it is a strong desire for the world to be a better place than it is. She is compassionate, caring, and patient. She would have to be to put up with Adrian.

While she is magically gifted, it is not a strong or well known talent, so I do not want to give too much away.

Her positive attitude and willingness to do things that scare her make her a good addition to the team, even if I did not see it at first. Sometimes our characters know better than we do what the story needs.

If you would like to commission Lucy for art for you, you can contact her at

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