Bloodlines: Character art

I recently commissioned character art for my novel, Bloodlines.

Taking the step to commission Character Art for your project is an investment in your work. Character art can help you and your readers see what you see when you created the characters on paper. I recommend that you do some research and go with someone who you feel understands your characters and has a style that compliments your own.

Artist for the Character Art

I was lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing artist through Rikke, so I did not have far to look when I decided I was ready to invest in the art work. And when I say invest, I do mean it. Visual Artists are here to make a living with their craft just as much as you or I, and deserved to be paid for it.

I had worked with Lucy before on fan projects and a commission for a birthday gift, so I was familiar wit her style and her. Lucy Zhu is a freelance artist based in Germany, and is open for commissions if you want to contact her. You can find more examples of her work on Tumblr.

Handing your characters off to someone and letting them put them on paper is a bit nerve wracking. What if I did not describe them clearly enough? What if what I have in me head is not possible? What if…. Trust me, that list can go on and on. Stop it and take the leap.

Expectations vs. Reality

Make sure your artist is open and flexible and includes changes as part of their fee. Be clear and decisive about what style of art you are looking for. Do you want simple line art or are you looking for full color portraits? Know what you want and expect before you get too far into the process. The type of art you want will affect the price for the final product.

Be realistic about your expectations. If you are working with an artist who prefers to work in pen, then do not expect watercolors unless you work that out before hand.

Be patient. How long did it take you to create these characters? Give them time to do their work. Quality takes time. Do not ask for a rush job unless you want it to look like a rush job.

This is an investment, not a whim, give it the time and thought it deserves and you will get a product you are excited to share with the world.

If you would like to commission Lucy for art for you, you can contact her at

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