Wordcamp Fayetteville 2018

Taking notes at WordCamp Fayetteville 2018
Taking notes at WordCamp Fayetteville 2018

WordCamp 2018 is now over. It was another amazing year!

WordCamp 2018 Fayetteville, AR

This is my second year to attend and I learned just as much this year as last. At least this year I had a slighter better idea of what I was doing. Last year I was so new I was afraid I would never learn.

I got to attend sessions about how to use the new Gutenberg Editor, UX Design, Content Clusters, Design Tips, Building and Leveraging your reputation, and Facebook integration with WordPress sites. And those are just the ones I got to go to. There were many more than that.

Speakers induced Lance Howell, Rachel Korpella, Eric Huber, Rebecca Haden, Aaron Campbell, add Travis Pflanz. All of these fine people are experts in their fields and amazing people overall.

The keynote speaker, Dave Navarro Jr., was engaging, amusing, and inspiring. His talk on “I Never Worked A Day In My Life” was perfect for the event.

Saturday night, after a long day of learning, we were treated to an after party with both video games and tacos. Hard to go wrong there. I got a chance to talk with a few fellow attendees, a speaker, and a volunteer with the camp. All around good times.

Sunday was the “Jam Session”. I was able to bring my computer to a room full of experts and get advice on how to fix it! This site. Real live experts. To say I was excited is an understatement for sure.

Me and Boldie The Dragon WordCamp 2018 Fayetteville, AR
Me and Boldie The Dragon at WordCamp 2018 #Boldie #wcfay

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    1. Great question! My favorite sessions were Rebecca Haden and her talk on content clusters since I was confused about cornerstone content. I also loved Aaron Campbell’s talk on managing and leveraging your reputation. I have such a hard time talking myself up. The keynote speech by Dave Navarro Jr was excellent and amusing. Picking just one is impossible. All the sessions and presenters were amazing.

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