Word Camp Fayetteville 2017

Things I Learned At Camp!

I went to my first WordPress Word-Camp this past weekend!

I had no idea what to expect from my first Word-Camp, to be perfectly honest. There were people from all around the region, and not just bloggers either. I met several people from Louisiana, all of whom where looking to start or to promote e-commerce sites, but very nice and very interesting people. I was also lucky enough to meet Rebecca Harden and her amazing Daughter Josepha who are the gurus of SEO and analytics. There were developers, website designers, other bloggers, and even people from the security team for WordPress.

I am afraid, that as an introvert, it was actually really difficult to make myself talk to this many strangers, but I manged to make it through. But do not fear, I still found some of the stranger folks. It is my talent.

The sessions were very good. I learned a lot, but most importantly, I learned that I have no idea what I am doing. I have a LOT more to learn for sure.

Some of the sessions I attended were:

How to start a successful online business – Not 100% for me, but very interesting.

SEO 4U – I had no idea. Just no idea at all. Rebecca Harden is amazing and great speaker.

Thriving in the WordPress space as an Introvert – Yeah, that described me pretty well.

Beginners Guide to Google Analytics – I actually literally had to take an aspirin after this. SO much information and that is before you even get to looking at YOUR information. Josepha is as amazing as her mother.

Strong imagery for better conversion – VERY helpful!

How to generate new blog ideas and keep track of them using WordPress – WOW! I needed this one!

Those are just the ones I was able to attend, but I will be looking the rest up on WordPress TV later!

There was also a fantastic Keynote speaker, a meet and greet the night before and the day after Jam session. So much for one weekend. I was exhausted, but very happy by the end of it.

Bottom line, LOVED it and I will be going back next year for certain. I now have so many ideas and thing I want to do to try to make this blog better.

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed WordCamp and that I was able to be helpful. Maybe you’d like to join the monthly Fayetteville WordPress meetup! Find us on Meetup.com or at the NWA WordPress group on Facebook. Thank you for the kind words!

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