Joplin Spook Lights

A long Time Obsession: The Joplin Spook Light

I have been looking for the Joplin Spook light for over a decade now. It is, of course, no surprise that I love anything weird, creepy, or haunted.

Even back in college I was always game to go find something crazy. I clearly remember a night of trying to find some mysteriously glowing eyes in a cemetery near the university. Sadly, I get car sick easily and spent most of the trip feeling unwell. The eyes turned out to be nothing more than car headlights reflecting off a particularly glossy headstone in the end. It was a major disappointment, but it is one of my first memories of trying to find a real haunted location and in applying reason and logic to find out what it really was.

That doesn’t mean there are not real haunted sites. I just have not found one yet. Though I live near Eureka Springs, home of the Crescent hotel. That is a location that the Ghost Hunters investigated and even include in their book of the few things they never could explain and they do call it a truly haunted location. I have been several times, even spending the night for my birthday earlier this year, but still no luck. If nothing else, the place is amazing just to see, and the ghost tour is fun and informative. Frankly, considering the history of the hotel I would be shocked if it were NOT haunted. And HEY, you are in Eureka Springs! Always a good time. And since there is a lot of limestone and some say ley lines, the place is a hotbed for the weird and fun.

The Ghost Hunters segment is here: Ghost Hunters Crescent Hotel
Another video, less scientific, but it shows parts of the hotel: Crescent Hotel Video

The Spook Light: How it all began

Another local legend is the Joplin Spook light. My interest in the Joplin Spook Light started way back in the early 2000s (2002 or 2003). I was living in Oklahoma and have no idea where I first heard about it.I had a few Friends from work and their spouses and on weekends we would drive around looking for it. There was really nothing on line about it so we only had rumors and vague stories to go on. I cannot tell you how many back roads and dead end dirt paths we went on, but never saw the elusive light.

When I moved to Arkansas in 2004, my sister and a couple friends joined me in my search, and we hit up every supposed haunted spot, bridge, road, crossroad etc that we could find. This was far enough back in the mists of time (13 years, wow not THAT long ago) that there was almost no information other than hearsay and rumors. No dice. We gave up for several years.

About 5 or 6 years ago a friend of my brother-in-law’s told us that her boyfriend (now husband) not only knew where it was, but knew people who had seen it. Imagine my excitement. There was a snag though. She did not want him to go without her, and she was too afraid to go with us. That lead was a bust. He never told us where it was and over the years we slowly lost touch. Even wit the miracle of Facebook, some people just fade away.. It was starting to look like I just needed to give up.

The Spook Light: A new hope

I forgot all about it again for several years, until a couple nights ago. Rikke sent me a link with so cool haunted locations around the world, and what should be listed right in the middle? The Joplin spook light! (Video here.) You know I had to start looking again.

Turns out there is a lot more info online since the last time I looked. I think this time I am going to be able to find it. I already have two of my dearest friends and my sister on board. We just need to pick a date and head out of town. This time, I will see it. I’ll of course, update when I do.

More info here.

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