Bloodlines Character Art: Adrian

This is the Character Art for Adrian. When I commissioned the Character Art for my novel, Bloodlines, I asked Lucy  to do a portrait of the Main Character, Adrian and five supporting characters. The next piece I am going to show you is the Character Art for the main Character, Adrian.

Character Art for Adrian

Character Art for Adrian by Lucy Zhu for Bloodlines

Who is Adrian? Adrian Crowley is the main character of the Bloodlines novel. He is Samantha’s father and a magical practitioner. He works for, and was partially raised by The Circle. The Circle is the ruling body for human practitioners of magic.

Adrian was rejected by his own parents as a teen when he refused to give up magic to conform to their strict religious beliefs. The Circle took him in and trained him to hunt and destroy demons and other dangerous entities; just like his father had done before he left to join the church and renouncing his powers.

Adrian has known Sofia since they were children and feels that she is one of the few people who actually understands and cares for him. He is very fond of her small child, Emily, surprising everyone.

He is 35 years old at the beginning of the story. When he is not working for the circle, he has a popular vlog where he posts information about haunted sites, his investigations, and paranormal activity. He is careful to keep it separate from anything he does for the circle.

His world revolves around Samantha and making sure the The Circle does not find a reason to have her killed. He believes he can find a way to keep her from being  a threat to others, unlike her mother.

Many would describe Adrian as difficult, arrogant, and strong willed. Though, thanks to some non-human ancestry, he is able to get people’s cooperation when he needs it. Even if he cannot bring himself to be likable most of the time.

Adrian is considered to be a particularly powerful magic user and many in The Circle do not trust him to not turn on them, and are particularly unhappy that his daughter is half Succubus. You can read a short story with Adrian and Samantha as a child, Little Light of Mine.

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