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First Three Character Profiles for Phantasms

I thought it might be helpful to post something about each of the characters that we are going to be using in this series of stories we are writing tentatively titles Phantasms. The characters will vary depending on the story, but there are some characteristics that will stay pretty much the same no matter which of is writing or what is going on.

I will start with the three I developed the most:


He is a cop, plain and simple. He is in his 20’s to early 30’s with an All American Boy look. Tall, blonde, athletic. He is loyal to a fault and believes in a strict adherence to the rules and will have a crisis of faith if he breaks a rule. Does NOT believe

He will never accept any form of bribe and does not do drugs. His only weakness is usually Otis.

Once the weird stuff starts, he is the guy you want on your team. Then you see that he is resourceful, strong willed, and good in a crisis.



Alex is in his early to late 20’s. He is extremely into the occult, and desperately wants to be a real magic user.

Alex is average height, dark hair, and has a several piercings and tattoos. He is well aware that the paranormal exists, but can never seem to get anyone else to believe him. His favorite style of dress is all black and identifies with the “goth” subculture.

He thinks he is cool and mysterious and gets pissed when people treat him like an idiot. Almost no one takes him seriously.



He is in his early to mid twenties. Introvert. Quiet. Conflict avoidant. (See his “Interview” posted here.)

His is tall with long read hair and a thin/athletic build.

He has always wanted to be an artist and musician, but frequently finds himself too broke to make a living at it.

He desperately wants people’s approval, which can lead him to be manipulated by the less scrupulous.


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