I did it, I sent off my story for the contest on NPR.  🙂  Less than 600 words, one character coming to town and another leaving. The rules say that it cannot be published in any format before the contest, but once it is over I will put it up.

There, I did something scary.  hahahaha  I am trying to be a braver person.  I have started to feel I play it too safe most of the time. Well, OK, my coworkers thought that traveling to Europe without a fucking chaperon or some shit was dangerous, but we all know that isn’t true.  I was probably safer while traveling than I am at home.

I have several more stories I am working on right now to.  None are fan fics actually.  One is a ghost story, another a scary story, and the third is for a round robin with my high school friends. Branching out.

I am also taking up running for exercise.  I have roped a friend into doing it with me so I will feel obligated to keep it up.  Right now we are still walking more than running, but we are working on it (We walk 5 minutes and run 2 minutes then walk 5 and run 2.)  I do that 3 times a week, Zumba twice a week and a ballet class once a week. Whew.  I get tired writing it. LOL

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