Writing Prompts Week 5 2021-Story

Prompt: A lake, crimson, heartbreak

Waves created by a passing boat lapped gently against the pebbled beach.

No, that was not right. Adrian looked around. There were no boats. The water should not be moving. He peered out into the darkness, but even though the eyes of the demon, he saw nothing. There was something, but it still lurked beneath the frigid water of the lake.

Not that it mattered. He would find out sooner rather than later, most likely. The world was filling up with monsters daily; it felt like. They poured through the rifts like sand. Some days it seemed to slow, but the next more came through.

The first rift was now too large for him to even try to close. It rippled and glimmered like a crimson gemstone in the underground chamber beneath the town. The longer it stayed open the more it spawned. The world spun out of control and his only reasons for living with it. Sophia could not be returned to him. Not even with the power from the tear. The doll remained alert, and she was still in it. He had placed her is stasis and hidden her away until a time when he could free her.

Samantha left him as well Fled from him and chaos. Hiding the child she carried. The child of the elemental. He would never know it. His heart twisted in pain and he wished it was still possible for him to weep, but the presence of the demon prevented such human things. His sorrow could not be expressed. It was gone, they were gone, all because of him.

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