Writing Prompts Week #52– December 24th, 2020

This week’s prompt:

Family, food, “Happy Holiday”

Family, food, “Happy Holiday”

“Put it on the other table, Honey,” Mom says without even turning around. How she knew I was about to put it on the first table, I don’t know.
“Do we have enough places set?” She asks. “I swear no one ever RSVPs any more.”
“Quit worrying mom,” I tell her. “If more show up, we will squeeze them in.” I reach for a deviled egg as I pass the main table.
“Those are for the guests,” she chides. “Eat the ugly ones in the fridge.” I roll my eyes.
“I saw that,” she says. “Now help me get these webs up before the cauldron boils over. I spent a week finding those newts and you know how Aunt Patty is about her newts.”
“Mom, calm down, everything is perfect.” I hold up a corner of a fragile web as the spider scurries around frantically, trying to make sure it is done before the guests arrive. It is a nice big glossy one, bright orange and red stripes decorate its shiny body. It must have been imported and probably super venomous. Mom always throws the best parties.
“The tables are set, the graves pre dug, the cauldrons are on the fires, and the werewolves are turned out into the forest. I think we may be ready.” She is almost giddy as a child.
“I can’t believe it is finally time. Our first full moon Halloween as a family! I was hardly older than you the last time it happened. What was it, 1943? Or maybe 44. My mother had just finished her first training oven week. It was the best party. I just hope everyone likes it.”
The door bell rang and I hurried to open it. I was greeted with screams and shrieks and at least two specters brushed right through me to come in. They were with Patty, so I let it go, she never did have good control of those things.
Family was arriving from all over the country and across the veil tonight. Food, family and Halloween! It was a good year to be alive or undead.

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