Writing Prompts Week #43– October 22nd, 2020

This week’s prompt:

A forbidden object, an office, “I told you so”

“I want it,” Jeanie hissed in Abel’s ear.

“You know we are not allowed anywhere near it,” he said back in a harsh whisper.

“I don’t care,” she replied. Her bottom lip stuck out in a pout.

“That is the CEO’s office, I can’t just waltz on in there because you want it.”

“Then Tango,” Jeanie snapped. Abel glared at her and held a finger up to his lips. The other cubicles were silent. Either the occupants were so hard at work they were not making any noise at all, or they were listening to them argue. It was not a new phenomenon. This was every Friday. The white polka dot box always graced the CEO’s desk every Friday morning. No one saw who put it there, and no one saw it leave, but every Friday it sat there, the tempting aroma of sugar and yeast. But it was not for the common people out here in the cubicle farm, no, it was for executives only.

Every week, Jeanie tried to get someone to get one of the prized pastries for her. Every week she was denied.

“The executives meeting will be over soon, it is now or never,” she goaded him.

“Why don’t you do it then if it is so easy,” he countered.

“Don’t be absurd,” Jeanie said. “I could never.” She sounded almost scandalized. So far three men and two women had been fired while attempting the donut heist for Jeanie. Able had not been there long enough to know that. At least not first hand.

“Fine,” he huffed and left his little space. “But if I get fired-” he left the end of the statement hanging. Jeanie just smiled a big beatific smile at him, as if she was not asking him to risk his career over fried bread. He stalked off, eyes darting around nervously. No one pretended to not be paying attention now. Heads popped up over walls and chairs were leaned back to watch him walk past.

“You actually got him to do it?” A mousy girl from the other side of the wall asked, peering over the partition like Wilson or Kilroy.

“I told you so,” Jeanie grinned. “I told you I could get anyone I wanted to to do it.”

The hush of the office was suddenly a buzz. The door to the conference room opened. Abel was still in the office. He was doomed. There was a collective gasp as the CEO stalked into his office with the VP right behind him. The door shut with a final sounding thud.

A soft plaintive cry of “ooohhhh nnnoooo,” could be heard from somewhere deep in the cubicle maze.

Then Abel was standing there, next to Jeanie. Donut in hand. He stretched his arm out as if to offer it to her and she greedily grabbed for it, but he pulled it away at the last second, shoving a huge bite into his mount.

“Donuts are for winners.” Was all he said around the sugary treat.

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