Writing Prompts Week #32– August 6th, 2020

This week’s prompt:

“It’s an Adventure”

Think of it as an adventure. The sign in the front window was green with highly stylized letters. The man stood there staring at it for over a minute before he looked down at the briefcase in his right hand. It was like he was suddenly unaware how it got there. His expression turned puzzled and thoughtful. Suddenly he tossed it aside, not even looking to see where it landed, and pushed open the nondescript glass door. From the street you could hear a faint tinkle from an old-fashioned bell.

A woman stopped next. She looked like she was in her late forties, maybe a little older. She looked tired and her small purse was clutched tight against her chest. She read the sign. Stepped back and looked for any other sign of what was inside, but the plain tan brick building with the old smudged and clouded window seemed to be empty except for the sign. No lights shone inside. She seemed to notice the briefcase now. It had come open when the man tossed it aside and papers fluttered out onto the pavement, stirred by a listless wind. Nothing had gone too far.

She looked back to the sign and then to the papers sliding slowly out into the street. She reached a tentative hand toward the door, her hand pressing the door open when someone called out from across the street.

“Jackie!” They called, and the woman turned. Her face brightening. She left the door and crossed the road without looking, waving to her friend. She never saw the box truck. Its green lettering was splattered with red in seconds. The letters spelled out. You’re Welcome with a smile after it.

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