Writing Prompts Week #20– May 14th, 2020

This week’s prompt:

Object of a crush, “The quest continues”, a water bottle

Object of a crush, “The quest continues”, a water bottle
He dropped the bottle as he got off the train. Gabby felt a stab of excitement. Now was her chance. The morning rush crowd was dense, and she had a hard time reaching the bottle. Twice it was accidentally kicked just out of reach before she could snag it.
She was going to be late for class but she did not care, this was her chance to talk to him. Talk to Max. Even the thought of his name made her little 15-year-old heart flutter.
Finally, her fingers closed over the metal bottle, and she smiled. Now to find Max. She knew where he was going at least, if nothing else she could find him between classes.
The press of people dragged Gabby along to the exit and out to the street.
It was cold outside, and the steel gray sky was spitting snow and ice already. Gabby held the bottle closer as she hurried to find Max. She wove in and out of the pedestrian traffic, looking for the familiar brown scarf. A taxi horn blared, and she sheepishly stepped back up on to the curb, impatiently waiting for the light to turn.
She spotted Max just before the school entrance and broke into a light jog. She did not want to risk him getting to the school and being with his friends when she got to him if she could help it.
The school was in sight when she got close enough to him. She called out his name. “Max!” but he did not turn around. She grabbed his elbow in desperation. Max stopped and turned as she held out the bottle. Confused brown eyes met hers.
“Who are you?” He asked.
“I found your bottle,” Gabby said, holding out the bottle again. He looked at it like he had nver seen it before. “You dropped it when you got off the train and it got kicked around a little but I saved it.” The words fell out in a jumble.
“The question continues,” Max said, still not taking the bottle. “Who are you?”
“I’m Gabby,” she said, hearing the high pitch to her voice and hating how whiney it sounded. “We have math together.”
“I think you have the wrong person.” Max turned and walked away, and left Gabby holding the bottle out to no one.

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