Writing Prompts Week #8 – February 20th, 2020

This week’s Prompt:

A lair, the one that got away, chalk

The dragon reached out one long taloned digit. He rubbed at the small chalk mark on the cave wall with the back of his knuckle. He had counted that one too early.
He sighed as he watched the man in the heavy plate armor ride away with the princess on his sturdy horse. There was a first time for everything, but letting one get away seemed like something he would never have imagined happening before. Maybe he needed a vacation? He must be working too hard.
He looked around his cozy lair and thought about it. His gold was here, as were his jewels and two more princesses, though no one had showed up to rescue them yet and it had been ages. One looked like she might be a bit too old for rescuing now. Maybe he should just let them go. He could collect new ones when he got back.
He had always wanted to see the beach. Now was probably the best time. The weather had turned cooler lately and snow was threatening the higher mountain passes already. A nice sunny beach was just what he needed.
The dragon packed a small bag with a little gold, some exceptionally pretty rubies and the latest cozy mystery he had just not had time to read yet. HE threw open the cage doors for the remaining princesses and smiled to himself as they scurried away. There was never a shortage of princesses. He could find six more before sunset if he really wanted.
He final look around and he was satisfied that he had forgotten nothing. Though he had never been on a vacation before so he really had no idea what he should have, but he would figure it out as he went. He rolled a large stone in front of the entrance and stretched his leathery wings. How long had it been since he last flew? Too long for sure.
A few hard flaps and he was in the air, his bag clutched between sharp teeth.
Beach, here I come, he thought as his shadow swooped over the knight and his new charge. He heard the faint squeal of fear and the sharp whinny of the horse and felt a little better as the beast reared up and threw it’s passengers right down a sheer cliff. They had not gotten far after all.
Today had turned out great.

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