Writing Prompt #1 – Jan. 2nd 2020

Writing Prompt: Week 1 January 2nd, 2020

A fanatic, Coloring pencils, “You don’t have to love me”

Jillian put the pencils aside. All 32 colors were neatly arranged by shade. Each one carefully sharpened and placed back in the correct spot after using them. She diligently swept away any traces of eraser crumbs or shavings from sharpening the pencils. Her tools were all lines up precisely on her left and the paper was taped down to the surface of the desk by the corners. It was a scene straight out art for dummies or something. The idea work environment.

Jillian read a lot of art books in the last few weeks. Her shopping trip to the craft store had been educational as well. She knew exactly how to set up her work station, what pencils would be best for the type of drawing she was making, the perfect paper, the weight, color and acidity chosen specifically for this piece. A professional would not have done it better. She was certain. She admired her work with no small amount of satisfaction. It was exactly as she imagined it.

The leaves on the arbor were four different shades of green, three brown, and at least that many gold. The sequins on the dress glittered almost like they were real. The best part were his eyes though. The perfect violet that even Elizabeth Taylor would have been envious of were drawn to perfection. They looked almost photographic to Jillian. She was so proud. He was going to love it. The drawing depicted a beautiful day, a blushing bride and her handsome groom. It is just how it should be.

She grabbed the envelope from her desk drawer. She had addressed it weeks ago. The night after seeing Asher Monroe’s latest film she had stayed up until after the sun rose the next day looking for it. The End of the World and New Beginnings was the best of his films so far and she needed to let him know.

The address had come from a site she never heard of before, and cost her $25 dollars, but it would be more than worth it after he saw the drawing.

Carefully she pulled up the corners of the paper and peeled the tape off. She slipped it into the envelope after placing a piece of translucent paper over the top to protect it. It would be terrible if it were to be smudged before he saw it. She added a short letter into the envelope before sealing it.

Dearest Asher,

Please accept this gift. It was made with all the love in my heart. While you do not have to love me, you will.

Your biggest fan,
Jillian Monroe nee Jackson

Jillian felt a sense of joy as the manila envelope slid into the blue box on the corner. It was finally going to happen. Her dreams were about to come true.

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