Bucket List – Haunted Places – Waverly Hills Sanatorium

What haunted locations are on your must see bucket list?  The top of mine is the ever popular Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located near Louisville, KY,  is a well known paranormal fan destination. Not only is it supposed to be haunted, it is a beautiful location on its own. If you are a fan of architecture or ghosts, you are bound to be delighted by this location.

This is not a location for Urban Explorers, the place is well known enough that it has its own organised tours and even holiday events. You can visit their site to schedule a tour of your own. There will be no secret midnight trips into the bowels of this beast. But it does not effect my desire to see it.


The location has been through several changes, from its start as a tiny one room school house, through its famous use as a sanatorium, and its decline as a geriatric facility led to its retirement from public life. At one point, investors wanted to turn the location into a prison, but were denied by the local homeowners. Another wanted to use it as apartments (a shame they failed, just imagine…), but today it serves as a destination for those curious about he paranormal.  Go with your strengths, isn’t that what they say?

It is a prime location for hauntings. The sheer number of tuberculosis deaths alone would almost guarantee that there would be a few ghosts, but the geriatric facility was shut down for reported abuse and neglect of their residents. Deaths from incidents such as this are also a good way to get paranormal activity. Granted, these are going to be very unhappy ghosts. Much like the ones at the Crescent Hotel here in Arkansas. 

Waverly In Popular Media

In addition to the tours, it has been featured on popular television shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. The results were not quite consistent, but television is entertainment, after all. Ghost Hunters did conclude the location was genuinely haunted, after failing to disprove the experiences of the investigators, and I have always appreciated their attempts to debunk events before declaring them paranormal. Not all shows bother with that step.


I do not have a definite date to go yet, but I will (hopefully) soon. Let me know if you have already been to this site, or if you are going soon Iwould love to hear about it.

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