An Urban Fantasy Novel

by Anne Sturtevant

What would you do to find a missing loved one? Adrian Crowley has to find out when his 16 year old daughter goes missing in Bloodlines an Urban Fantasy Novel by Anne Sturtevant.
Cast art for Bloodlines an urban fantasy novel by Anne Sturtevant. Ashley, Samantha, Oliver, and Sofia.

How Far Would You Go?

For 15 years, Adrian’s world has revolved around his daughter, Samantha.  When she goes missing, just before her 16th birthday, he has to decide how far he is willing to go to get her back. Samantha never knew her mother, a demon using the name Lilith. She has been raised by her father since she was only a few days old, but now her mother may have returned to reclaim her daughter and Adrian will move heaven and earth to find her. Even if he has to do so literally. While searching for the missing Samantha, Adrian is pursued by a mysterious stalker. Is this a human playing a very long, very dangerous joke, or is it really a demon as he suspects. Every lead he follows, every path he goes down keeps leading back to this figure. He must find Samantha and rid himself of this new burden before the Circle finds out. The Circle is a very strict organization that regulates all the human and mostly human magic users in a region. Adrian has always been regarded with a great deal of suspicion, and they were already uncomfortable with Samantha since her mother was not human. They will be even more unhappy to find out Adrian no longer knows where she is. With the help if his friends, the level headed Oliver, the passionate Ashley, and the compassionate Sofia, he will try to find answers to both questions or die trying. However, even the best of intentions can lead us down roads far darker than we ever imagined and Adrian has to decide if there are some things even he will not do to reach his goals, or if nothing is sacred any longer. His journey takes him from his home in Chicago to the very furthest, frozen reaches on Minnesota to the steamy bayous of southern Louisiana and points in between. Along hte way, he meets the creature named Billy. It resembles an enormous raven, but don’t be fooled, he is something else entirely, even if Adrian doesn’t know what.

Bloodlines an Urban Fantasy Novel by Anne Sturtevant

Please check back regularly for updates on my progress getting Bloodlines published and release dates as well as new short stories and character studies. You can see character art of the cast here, on this blog, as well as read short stories set in the Bloodlines Universe.

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