Quick Funny For the Weekend-Why ghosts suck at communicating.

Ghost Communication

My sister (she can be found over at The Bog Blog) has a new theory on why ghosts are so sucky at communication. It all started when I asked my Nephew, age 4, a very simple question. It required only a yes or no answer, but sometime in the last 35 seconds he had gone from a talkative 4 year old to a dingo (with rabies, but that is another story all on its own) and would only woof and howl.

I decided I would try the old, knock once for yes twice for no trick. Problem is, four year olds listen about as well as actual rabid dingos. I told him, woof once for yes and twice for no. Except that as soon as i said once for yes he woofed, and twice again when I gave directions for no. Seriously. You try talking to a four year old dingo with Rabies.

That was as useful as my father and his penchant for answering yes to any A or B question. “Do you want milk or water with Dinner, Dad?” “Yes.” EVERY TIME!!!!!

This weird little interaction did lead my sister to a conclusion for why ghosts are not all that great at communicating or following directions. Historically, a large number of children died before reaching school age. If you were to randomly encounter a human spirit, the odds would be good that they were under the age of five when they passed. Therefore, most ghosts are probably young children, and as such do not follow directions well. it is not that the ghosts are being difficult, they are being children.

This all flew over my nephew’s head, of course. He was tired as well as rabid…..And if you were wondering. Rabies is actually far more like cooties than you ever knew. Just saying. Can’t wait for him to take this new game to school.

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