Short Fiction Challenge from 2014

30 day fiction challenge

A few years ago, I did a 30 day challenge where I wrote a short story every day for the entire month. It was: 30 Days of Inspiration, Ideas to Energize Your Story Writing by Creative Writing Now. I posted these over at The horrible wolf, but they never made it here to this page for some reason. I have them tagged as cross posted, but I cannot find them here at all.

These were never polished or edited, but I remember a few did manage to spark bigger stories that I do have in the tank for future projects. This was a fantastic exercise for me to get me out of the rut of feeling like I had to be “inspired” to write. I was given a prompt and had to use what was there and make it work. Not unlike the ghost writing I am doing now. It is great to be inspired and write from a a point where you feel passionate, but writing is a skill and if you do not hone it and use it, it will not be there when you do find that muse.

The challenge stories:

(You will probably want to open these in another tab)



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