I HAVE been working….

It may look like I have not been writing, but…

I just have not been working on my projects.  I have been pretty busy doing some freelance ghost writing, and it has kept me away from my main projects for a while. But it has been a rewarding experience overall. Taking someone else’s ideas and making them into the finished story is harder than it sounds, but also fun. We are now up to episode 4 or so, and I have become more attached to the character and their fates. This makes it more compelling for me to work on.

I of course have the Phantasms project with Rikke, my own solo project (tentatively called Blood Lines), and the start of another project, but I also have some other ideas. My goal is to Narrate Rikke’s “Son of the Moon” as well as some creepy things off of Reddit.

I have been a little obsessed with Skinwalkers lately. Listening to some stories on YouTube I discovered that the description closely fits what  a friend of mine saw and even possibly what my sister’s husband saw. Normally I would assume one or both was teasing me. However, of these happened in states far from each other. Also, neither one knows the other, or even what a skinwalker is….

I also have started reading House of Leaves by mark Z. Danielewski. The concept alone is fascinating, but the story is really interesting. I will do a full review once I finish it, but so far I am really liking it.

Not everything is writing or writing related though.

I have also been watching Gravity Falls on TV. Very cute animated series with monsters and other paranormal creatures. Yes, it is for kids, no I don’t care.

When I have time I have also been listening to Welcome to Night ValeThe only way I can describe it is Tales from Lake Wobegon meets the X-files, but all Mulder’s theories are true…..

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