Book Recommendation

Here is the book I got sucked into last night:

Shadow Unit 1.

Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette are two of my favorite authors, and the concept intrigued me.  They are writing a TV program with out ever filming it.  They created all the back ground, character, and mythology as a group (there are others involved, they are just my favorites before I started) before they wrote the stories.  And the stories flow together like episodes of a show even though they are written by different people.  They have an amazing amount of continuity for a “collection”.

Another great thing about it, the creator set up live journals and twitter accounts and emails for the characters that they update like they are real people.  I am a big geek, but that amuses me.  In a good way.

If you like supernatural fantasy, check it out.  I’m addicted. 🙂

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