Writing Prompts Week #7 – February 13th, 2020

This week’s prompt:

A person with Arthritis, dirty laundry, a newspaper

Richard folded the newspaper with twisted and painful fingers. At 75, his joints had been ravaged by the arthritis that had ruined his own father’s hands. He looked out over the railing of his balcony and at the brilliant blue sea beyond. He glanced at the headline again.
Richard Davos Found Dead: No Foul Play Suspected
Richard Davos. The other Richard Davos was dead and even if they suspected nothing, it foul play was certainly involved. He should know.
A sea bird flew overhead, briefly shadowing his breakfast table and the warm breeze ruffled the folded paper. Inside he could hear his wife talking to the staff. She would be getting them ready for the gala tonight. So many important people would be gathered here tonight. They would all be talking about Richard Davos. They had no idea they were talking to him instead.
No, they were talking to Richard David, the wealthy entrepreneur and art connoisseur. He and his beautiful former model wife Cindy were kind enough to open their lovely home to them tonight for this once in a lifetime event.
The stories he could tell. He knew all the stories. All the real stories even. So much dirty laundry as to bury 100 people all at once. He smiled. He would say those stories would go with him to the grave, but his lawyer had the manuscript and one day everyone would know them. The thought warmed his cold heart for a moment.
But enough, time to put on his expensive suit and his fake smile and welcome the rich and famous into his world, even though they had no idea who he was.

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