Writing Prompts Week #6 – February 6th, 2020

Week six already? Wow. OK, this one is short, but it covers all the points of the prompt!

This week’s prompt:

A fat baker, a watch, “Repeat after me”

It was hopeless. Annabelle sighed in frustration, but it just wasn’t working.
“You have to focus, Belle,” Jerry said sternly. “It won’t work if you don’t focus.” He picked up the silver pocket watch and let it dangle from its chain. Annabelle sat up straighter on the sofa and and looked at him from across the coffee table. She kept her face neutral as she could. It was not Jerry’s fault.
“Follow the watch with your eyes,” Jerry said in a soothing tone. It was the tone the man at the seminar taught him to use. It cost him twelve hundred dollars to attend, but learning hypnotism was going to be his ticket to the real money. Unlike the real estate seminar that was just a pitch to sell books, or the make money and friends “networking” seminar, or the one before that or even the one the year before that. Hypnotism was where it was at.
Jerry waited fro Annabelle to comply. Her pale blue eyes moved side to side in tome with the watch after only a moment of hesitation. This was the third time he had tried this, but third time’s the charm is what his daddy always said.
“Now repeat after me,” Jerry said in the same smooth tone. “I will not eat the baked goods.”
“I will not eat the baked goods,” Annabelle said in a monotone voice. Was that right? He couldn’t tell.
“I will not eat the donuts,” Jerry said.
“I will not eat the donuts,” Annabelle repeated.
“I will not eat the cake,” Jerry said.
“I will not eat the cake,” Annabelle said. Then a frown creased her face and her plump hands slapped her knees.
“Damn it, Jerry,” she said irritably. “Now I want a damn donut. This is not working.”
“We can try one more time,” he said hopefully.
“No,” Annabelle said firmly. “It is time for me to get to work, those donuts and cakes will not make themselves,” she added.
“But you don’t want to eat them now?” he asked.
“Of course I do,| Annabelle said. “It’s how I got fat in the first place.”
Jerry looked down at the floor. What had he done wrong? He had done it just like the man in the seminar. Was it his voice? The watch? Was it the wrong color?
“I’m sorry,” Annabelle said, coming over to pat Jerry on the shoulder on her way out. “Maybe you should try on someone else?” She suggested.
“Try to fix something less impossible, like smoking or homicidal tendencies?” she said. “I’m a baker and I’m fat, I am not going to stop eating the donuts.”

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